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Autumn Essensial Oils

  • 2021-10-06

Diffusing essential oils in the fall?

Of course!!

Diffusing fills your home with the wonderful smells of fall – cinnamon, clove, orange, sandalwood, warm vanilla, mint, cypress, rosewood, cedarwood and more

Essential oils are all-natural and toxin-free, instead of candles, waxes, plugins, and store-bought room sprays that are filled with toxic chemicals. So, essential oil diffuser blends to naturally (and healthily) give our place the smell of fall.

We all know that scents bring back memories – apple picking, jumping in leaves, roasting marshmallows, hot apple cider, being wrapped in cozy blankets, hay rides, and cinnamon.  Filling home with these fall diffuser blends, evokes warm memories and makes everybody feels good.

Fall scense also makes home feel warm & cozy- There’s just something about the scent of cinnamon, spices, and wood that gives a room a warm, cozy feel.  

Many essential oils that smell like fall also have the added benefit of supporting our immune systems: cinnamon, clove, neroli, lemon, orange, rosemary, tea tree, and thyme, among others.

There are so many delicious, decadent foods associated with fall.  By diffusing pumpkin pie, snickerdoodle cookies, orange cinnamon rolls, and warm apple pie, we can forego all the sugar and calories but still get the joy of smelling those fabulous fall foods.

Depending on the specific essential oils used, the diffuser blend can also help improve focus, give an energy boost, calm me down and help me relax when I’m feeling stressed, clean & purify the air in my home, help my get a great night’s sleep, and more. 

Pumpkin Latte Diffuser Blend

The warmth of mint, cinnamon, and clove combine with the sweetness of bitter orange to evoke that cozy coffee house scent.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, energizing, decongestant, purifying and cleansing, and helps bring balance and release anger

4 drops mint

2 drops orange

1 drop cinnamon

1 drop clove

Crisp Morning Diffuser Blend

The slight grassiness of the basil blends well with the fresh, citrusy notes of grapefruit and bitter orange to evoke feelings of freshly raked leaves on a sunny fall day. 

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, energizing, invigorating, refreshing, and encourages love, tolerance and self-acceptance

2 drops grapefruit

2 drops orange

2 drops basil

Orange Cinnamon Rolls Diffuser Blend

The sweetness of the bitter orange combined with the cinnamon and mint spices wafting through the air as they bake in the oven.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting,  immune support, energizing, decongestant, purifying and cleansing, and encourages a generous mindset of abundance

3 drops orange

2 drops cinnamon

2 drops cardamom

Vanilla Spice Diffuser Blend

This blend combines the sweetness of vanilla and bitter orange with the spice of cinnamon.   It’s a warm, inviting, relaxing, and slightly sensual scent.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  relaxing, comforting, uplifting

4 drops vanilla oleoresin

2 drops orange

2 drops cinnamon

Sleeping Weather Diffuser Blend

Cool fall nights are perfect for getting deep, sound restful sleep.  And that’s just what this diffuser blend helps with, too.  Lavender, reswood, and cedarwood are powerhouse essential oils when it comes to relaxation and sleep.  Lavender calms the mind, rosewood is a sedative that helps ease insomnia, and cedarwood helps ease anxious feelings.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  calming, relaxing, promote a great night’s sleep, lessen anxious feelings

1 drop cedarwood

2 drops vetiver

4 drops lavender

Crisp Autumn Diffuser Blend

This blend has a sweet, floral, slightly spicy aroma that’s reminiscent of walking through the woods filled with vibrant fall foliage.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  calming, balances emotions, uplifting, relaxing

3 drops bitter orange

3 drops patchouli

1 drop clove

Fall Rain Diffuser Blend

This floral and citrus blend smells sweet and fresh like a fall rain.  It helps relax and balance emotions and hormones.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  balances emotions, promotes a good night’s sleep, relaxing, balances hormones (PMS and menopause)

1 drop lavender

2 drops bergamot

3 drops sage

Sweet Fall Diffuser Blend

This sweet, woody aroma is great to diffuse when you are feeling stressed.  It helps to lessen anxious feelings and puts emotions back in balance.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  lessens anxious feelings, calming, promotes a great night’s sleep, emotional balance, reduces feelings of stress, increases feelings of self-worth

3 drops cedarwood

3 drops bergamot

Flannel Diffuser Blend

Use it to help relax, clear your head, and find your balance.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  decongestant, energizing, clear your mind, emotional balance, invigorate, relax, cleanse

3 drops mint

1  drop cinnamon

1 drop orange

1 drop clove

Fresh Air Diffuser Blend

Cool autumn air smells fresh and clean, just like this blend of lemon, thyme, and eucalyptus essential oils.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  deodorizing, purifying, cleansing, immune boosting, decongestant

3 drops lemon

2 drops thyme

2 drops eucalyptus

Wellness Blend

Try and stay healthy this season with this wellness blend. Smells so good, and has some amazing health benefits to boost your immune system.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, decongestant, improves focus and concentration

1 drop rosemary

1 drop clove

1 drop eucalyptus

1 drop cinnamon 

1 drop bitter orange 

Cinnamon Spice

Probably one of my favorite scents of all times. This is a wonderful blend that is great for Fall and even Winter!

2 drops bitter orange

1 drop Cinnamon

1 drop Clove

Fall Hike

Imagine hiking outdoors in the Fall, this is the scent you might smell!

4 drops Cypress

2 drops Ylang -Ylang

2 drops Sandalwood

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