BIO LIFTING Deep Wrinkle Filler  Face & Neck Serum 30ml

BIO LIFTING Deep Wrinkle Filler Face & Neck Serum 30ml


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Deep Wrinkle Filler

Face & Neck Serum
with patented bio-peptide

Bio lifting Hexapeptide
Stressless youth activator

Face and neck serum with a patented, naturally derived neuro-calming peptide that protects from stress and contributes efficiently to the reinforcement of skin barrier, the reduction of deep wrinkles, the restructure and hydration of mature skin, and the improvement of skin smoothness (“bio-lifting” effect) on both smokers and non-smokers. This hexapeptide is a revolutionnary active molecule inspired from nature which can act on the Delta Opioid receptors (DOR) to reverse signs of stress induced aging and shows a cumulative effect to refill deep wrinkles. It also contains a 3 amino acids peptide biomimetic of Elafin that modulates progerin and improves the appearance of signs associated with skin maturation, sagging, slackness and wrinkles, so it helps the skin to look firmer, fuller and denser. Furthermore, it contains vitamin E, olive oil, babassu butter, hibiscus extract, 3 types of Hyaluronic acid of high, medium and low molecular weight for hydration improvement, maintenance of proper water content in skin, improvement of skin texture and elasticity.

Use: Apply the serum on clean face and neck and massage it with a circular motion until absorbed.



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