Body Cream from Snail Mucus 100ml

Body Cream from Snail Mucus 100ml




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Escargot de Crete Cosmetics - Panacea

Body cream with snail mucus rich in active ingredients with immediate results


A natural product of painstaking research and vast experience.
The main ingredient is the unique quality mucus from snails of the HElix aspersa species reared in privately owned breeding farms in the suitable natural environment of the island of Crete.

Even from the first use of cream you will notice on your skin:

  • 24 hours hydration, smoothness and brightness
  • Regeneration of damaged skin tissues 
  • Diminishing of chaps, blots and ageing wrinkles
  • Relief from irritations and allergies of the skin
  • Acne suppression and anti-inflammation
  • Strong antioxidant effect

How to use: Apply the cream on clean skin with gentle circular motions all over the body. It lasts for at least 24 hours even if you wash your body well.
For severe problems (such as bumps, burns, freckles, stretch marks, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc.), you can repeat the use of the cream, during the day, as many times as you want to accelerate its effectiveness by focusing on areas where there is a severe problem.
In the first 1-2 uses you may be fooled that it causes dry skin but this phenomenon is the removal of dead skin cells. Continue to use the cream without fear and you will get a glowing, elastic and hydrated skin.

100% Natural product

Parabens free


Active ingredients

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